Board of Parole Hearings meetings are open to the public.

They are held at 1515 K Street 5th Floor, Sacramento, CA

Anyone can attend and speak to the Board on issues related to lifer parole or an individual case that is on calendar for en banc.

Please check the website no more than 10 days prior for the meeting agenda and to confirm meeting times.

California Board of Parole Hearings

En Banc Decisions

En Banc cases are those that are sent to the full Parole Board for a vote. A case that would end up en banc is one that is referred back from the Governor to the board to review a decision made to release a particular inmate. This happens when the Governor has concerns in releasing a particular inmate. Another reason the Parole Board would hear a case en banc is when a panel (on appointed Commissioner and one civil servant deputy commissioner) cannot come to an agreement to grant a date. More often then not, under this Parole Board, the split decisions are caused by the appointed Commissioner wanting to grant release to an inmate, and the deputy commissioner not agreeing to that. Every month the Parole Board holds an open meeting where individuals who support the inmate may speak to the board prior to their vote. At these meeting, public citizens may voice their views on any subject relating to the Parole Board. We urge you to consider attending the monthly meetings and letting your voice be heard. The schedule for the monthly open meetings is listed above.


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