The Crime Victims Alliance (CVA) operates on the basic principle that crime victims deserve to be heard, seen, respected and supported. We know that crime victims have been harmed in many ways, not just as a result of criminal activity, but through policies and practices that are not supportive of the needs or wants of crime victims.

The CVA works to improve and increase the rights and services for victims of violent crime. Over the years we have been instrumental in the passage of bills and initiatives that enhance policies, programs and services for crime victims; and have successfully blocked many of those that would have been detrimental.

CVA works closely with government agencies, non-profit organizations, policy makers, and law enforcement to achieve our mission of victim centered justice; decrease the incidence of violent crime, reduce further victimization and to improve the lives of victims of crime.

CVA’s network includes victims/survivors, concerned citizens, law enforcement, prosecutors, policy makers and non-profit organizations. Our associates support and participate in our efforts by writing letters, distributing information and speaking at public forums such as Board of Parole Hearing open meetings and legislative committee hearings.

We honor those who have come before us and work as strong opinion leaders and change agents to continue the vital work of ensuring that victims needs are heard and met, and that victims are never forgotten.


Protecting the rights of victims through positive action.